About Us

Imagine guiding ships using the stars in the sky – how amazing is that? But Robert wasn't the type to stay in one place for long. In 1903, he packed his dreams and sailed across the ocean to the awesome United States. He ended up in Gulfport, Mississippi, where he worked his magic at J.D. Radford Jewelry. Oh boy, those watches had some stories to tell! But guess what? Fate had its own plans. Robert met Hattie Florence Larson, and bam, sparks flew like fireworks on the Fourth of July! They got hitched and kicked off a journey that's like something out of a big adventure story. Starting in Live Oak, Florida, they journeyed through cool places like Baton Rouge and the cozy vibes of Lake Charles, Louisiana. But the journey didn't stop there. Baytown, Texas, called out to them with promises of new beginnings, shiny oilfields, and opportunities knocking at their door. Fast forward to 1926, and Robert, with his heart full of dreams and pockets full of determination, opened up Robson's Jewelry in the historic Brunson Building. Can you feel the excitement?