About Us

Baytown, with its promise of opportunity, initially tested the resolve of the Robson family. Robert braved the unknown alone for six arduous months, tirelessly seeking suitable shelter amidst the rapid economic expansion. Yet, perseverance prevailed, and two years later, Robson's Jewelry store proudly opened its doors in the historic Brunson Building, marking the genesis of a legacy.

Over the ensuing decades, Robson's Jewelry flourished, symbolizing a beacon of quality and service in the heart of Baytown. The family's unwavering commitment to excellence permeated every facet of their business, with Robert's five children actively participating in its operations. Under their guidance, the store became synonymous with expert jewelry and watch repair services, characterized by a warm and professional demeanor that endeared them to the community.

In times of adversity, Robson's Jewelry stood resolute, navigating through the tumultuous years of war with fortitude. Their dedication was recognized when the store was appointed as the official servicing site for railroad watches, vital instruments that mirrored the precision of the marine chronometers Robert had mastered in his youth. In an era where every second counted, the meticulous craftsmanship of Robson's ensured the smooth operation of the railroad industry, a lifeline for the nation's economy.

Through the ages, the legacy of Robert Robson and his family endured, a testament to the enduring values of diligence, craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication. In the annals of Baytown's history, Robson's Jewelry stood as a timeless symbol of excellence, its story woven into the fabric of the community it proudly served.