Movement Disassembly and Cleaning

Our watchmakers take pride in the full disassemble, separating, inspecting and adjusting of all parts of the movement mechanism, before being ultasonically submerged in 4 different types of cleaning solutions combined with a cyclonic motion.

Case and Band Polishing

Our polish of the case and band is refinished to the tiniest detail, Leading to a high polish and a fully restored shine without any visible marks or dents. Our service also provides a full replacement of all crown, tube and case gaskets. (Note: crown, tube and crystals are replaced according to the wear and waterproofing pressure test result.)

Note: Crystals are inspected for any chips or cracks. Findings are given to the client.

Re-Assembly and Timing Test

After the movement is cleaned, the watch is carefully assembled, using different types of factory Swiss lubes for the right gears and functions. Then the movement is adjusted in 5 different positions on a computerized timing machine to guarantee excellent time keeping.

Finally, the fully assembled watch is checked by a computerized vacuum pressure waterproof tester, and computerized timing test checked for 42 hours making sure there are no errors before being sent back to the customer.

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Robson's Overhaul Service

  • All our Rolex services consist with the complete movement overhaul including the replacement of the main spring,re-assembly,lubrication,timing and waterproof testing to Rolex specification.

  • A full detail polish and cleaning on case and band, same as Rolex factory.

  • A replacement of all gaskets from case, tube and crown.

  • All our services are warrantied two years from date of invoice.

  • Turn around time two and a half weeks.


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